Birzman Chain Keeper

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A great way to make cleaning easier is to remove your wheels. While this may seem excessive, removing the wheels from your bike opens up many tight areas that are tough to clean, allowing easier access and better visibility of these surfaces

The Birzman's Chain Keeper was designed with this wheels-off technique in mind and makes sure your chain stays off your frame preventing damage and keeping your drivetrain free to turn as is commonly needed during cleaning. Try it out! The Chain Keeper inserts into the right rear dropout when the wheel is removed for cleaning, storing, or transporting your bike. The quick-release lever allows for fast and easy installation and removal. Allows full forward and backward rotation of the drivetrain

  • Material :Silicone / Aluminium
  • Size :85 x 40 x 11mm

Sizing Information

  • Country of Origin - Taiwan

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