Birzman Elements III Saddle Bag (0.8L)

Capacity: 0.8L
Sale priceRs. 2,585.00


A stylish and reliable saddlebag that keeps your travel essentials safe, dry and protected, this Elements 3 saddlebag from Birzman features IPX5 waterproof ECO fabric for the ultimate reliability in all weather conditions.

With its 0.8L capacity, it's perfect for foldable, light jackets and waterproofs, nutrition and snacks, as well as keys, wallets and phones. Easy to mount beneath your saddle, attaching reliably to the saddle rails thanks to its Quick Assembly Brackets with 7mm Saddle Rail, this low-profile saddlebag makes great use of the unused space underneath your saddle.

The Quick Assembly Brackets are part of Birzman's patented mounting systems, allowing the bag to be attached without the need of extra tools or parts. Simply slide onto the saddle rail for a snug fit.


  • Material-Eco Fabric (Waterproof) With Reflective Logo
  • Waterproof Rating - IPX5 Certified
  • Mount - Quick Assembly Bracket
  • Size-16 X 10.5 X 6cm
  • Capacity-0.8L


Sizing Information

  • Size- 16 X 10.5 X 6cm

  • Country of Origin - Taiwan

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