Birzman Tubeless Tyre Lever Set (3 Pcs)

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Tubeless tyres are known for their difficulty of installing, as they are designed to be an airtight cavity, and usually fit tighter on the rim. Many times it would require a tire lever or two to mount properly – sometimes even using two levers wouldn’t work.

Birzman Tubeless Tyre Lever Set is designed specifically to make mounting tight and stubborn tyres a less painful experience.

  • For use on both tubeless and tubed tyres. 
  • Clips onto the rim to help hold the mounted parts of the tyre in place.
  • Concurved edge fits snugly with the rim, enabling better engagement with the tyre bead, and easier tire removal. 
  • Thin edge slips under the tire bead easily, especially handy when there is a tight space between tyre bead and rim.
  • Material :Glass-fibre reinforced high polymer
  • Size :120 x 27 x 6m
  • Weight 16g/pc



Sizing Information

  • Size- 120 x 27 x 6m

  • Country of Origin - Taiwan

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