Birzman Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

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Birzman Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit is a basic puncture repair tools stored in a compact canister. The kit comes in the shape of a CO2 cartridge. Contents include an insertion tool, a reamer/cleaning file (to tidy up the hole before plugging it), and tire plugs, stored inside the canister.

The reamer and insertion tools are interchangeable at the top – and the canister body then becomes a handle. The end is rounded providing a comfortable grip. Because the Repair Kit looks exactly like a CO2 cartridge, including the threads, it can be carried anywhere you would usually carry a CO2 cartridge. Since tubeless riders usually carry a CO2s on their rides, no additional ‘gadgets’ are needed to carry the Repair Kit.

Kit Includes: 10 Plugs, A Cleaning File, And Insertiontool/Reamer
Replacement Plugs Available

  • Material : Aluminum (Body) & SUS304 ( insertion tool/reamer)
  • Size : 22 * 87.7mm
  • Weight :44g



Sizing Information

  • Size- 22 x 87.7mm

  • Country of Origin - Taiwan

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