BTP High Performance Reflective Bartape-Black Sleye

Size: Standard
Sale priceRs. 3,025.00


BTP High Performance Reflective Bartape-Black Sleye


  • Reflective Print on Gripping Bar Tape
  • Perfect bicycle bar tape for day and night
  • Material - PU
  • Grip - Excellent
  • Comfort – High density EVA on the back
  • Safety – Reflective pattern printed
  • Touch – A little be sticky but not too much
  • 3.0mm EVA
  • Tape size: 30mm x 2200mm (length)
  • 2 x Bartapes, 2 x 10cm Hood Wraps, 2 x End Caps (Black), 2 x Black Finishing Tape

Why BTP Gripping Bartape

BTP gripping bar tapes are made for riders who care about the gripping feelings. Our bartapes are made for riders to feel a little be sticky but not to much. Some gripping bartapes are reflective printed in patterns of fun designs. This bartape is good for day and night.

*Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials, but from time to time batch colors may vary slightly. This is normal in all manufacturing. *The colors above may vary slightly from the actual product.

Sizing Information

  • Size-Std.
  • Country of Origin-Taiwan

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