corima FR 47mm WS EVO 28" 700C 20spoke tubeless TA DX white

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Along the flats, over the rollers or even up mountain passes, the versatility of the WS EVO 47 carbon wheels will never cease to amaze you. Ideal for powerhouse riders looking for utmost versatility, they offer impressive performance whilst providing all the comfort and puncture resistance of tubeless technology. Their optimized aerodynamics and inertia guarantee high performance in all conditions, while their perfect balance of lightness and stiffness promises lightning-fast acceleration. Designed to attack, poised to win.


  • 28" tubeless ready pair
  • Shimano / HG
  • Profile : 47MM
  • Rim width : 26mm
  • Axle front : Thru axle Ø12 x 100mm
  • Axle rear : Thru axle Ø12 x 142mm
  • Weight : 1540 g
  • Front Black Spokes : 20
  • Rear Black Spokes : 20
  • Tubeless hookless rims
  • TLR tires compatible. Max pressure 4.7 bar in 28mm

Shipped with

  • Protection wheelbag
  • Valve nut tool

Mandatory conditions of use for road tubeless wheels

Tires compatibility

  • It is the user’s responsibility to check that the selected tire model is compatible with hookless rims (refer to tire manufacturer’s specifications). Inner tubes may be used however the tire must feature tubeless beads to ensure it remains seated.
  • Tubeless straight side (TSS) wheels must be used with Hookless compatible tubeless ready tires with width between 25mm and 32 mm (ISO 5775).
  • The maximum inflation pressure is 5 bar (72 psi) for a 25mm tire or 4.7 bar (58 psi) for a 28mm.
  • It is possible to use a tire starting at 25mm with width with an internal width of 21mm
  • It is possible to use a tire starting at 25mm with width with an internal width of 23mm


Tips and restrictions

Running tubeless tires requires specific care when it comes to installation and maintenance.

  • Use only plastic tire levers
  • When installing the tire, 2 layers of 0.1mm thick rim tape must be installed against the inner rim bed to ensure an airtight seal. (FTUB27-10 de Velox)
  • CO2 cartridges, high flow pumps and compressors MUST Not be used to inflate TSS tubless tires on the Essentia wheels.

Tubeless tires, to keep on rolling.

The WS EVO wheels are available in a tubeless version with hookless technology. This allows for a large choice of tire widths, the option to use lower inflation pressures as well as higher resistance to punctures. The wheels’ dynamic performance is also enhanced by their lighter weight and the optimized transition between rim and tire. When riding in the mountains, the sometimes rougher roads or unpredictable weather call for a versatility and resilience that only tubeless tires can offer, only adding to the wide-ranging skills of the WS EVO.

Carbon performance

If one thing sets CORIMA apart, it is the mastery of carbon fiber technologies. The WS EVO's 3K carbon rim, reinforced with structural foam, is a lightweight yet rigid gem. Handling and performance at this price point are unrivalled: the hyper-responsive WS EVO set the tone as soon as the road rises. They are precise and reliable on descents, with exceptional handling and control thanks to their minimal wind resistance and optimized stiffness.

Technologies combined.

The R2 spokes and aerospace foam within the carbon rim give the WS EVO their unique feel and performance. Their extreme efficiency is further enhanced by the S EVO Ratchet hubs, which add to the exceptional responsiveness, especially on the steepest gradients. By increasing the pedaling torque transmission and distribution by 17%, the new ratchet system optimizes power transfer within the rear hub whilst reducing friction to a minimum.

The CORIMA expertise.

Built in our workshops at Loriol-sur-Drôme, in France, the WS EVO wheels are the fruit of CORIMA's longstanding expertise and experience. We apply the same uncompromising quality and finish to all our models, striving to offer a unique experience that seamlessly blends performance, precision and a distinctive style, endorsed by athletes the world over.

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