Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro-150gm

Size: 150 gms
Sale priceRs. 1,750.00


The greases and assembly pastes of Dynamic are the choice of pro mechanics. You can find our products in many workshops at dealers and of course Team Jumbo-Visma uses our greases and pastes to assemble bikes and bike parts.

This premium assembly paste provides superior adherence as well as corrosion- and wear protection properties that are second to none.

Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro creates a lubricating nano film between materials that protects against fretting corrosion and provides extreme surface protection. It prevents cracking noises in bottom brackets, seat posts, stems and handlebars. Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro is perfect for high-end applications on carbon, ceramic- metal, aluminium, titanium, steel, rubber, plastic, bearings, pivots, suspension components and all threaded connections.

This high-end grease is the pro mechanics ‘go to’ when assembling bike parts. Dynamic Assembly Paste Pro is 100% carbon safe and lithium free!


  • Contents: 150gm
  • Packaging: Jar
  • Water Resistance: Very High
  • Corrosion Protection: Very High
  • Viscosity 20 Deg.C: Very High
  • Friction Coefficient: Very High
  • Carbon Safe: Yes


How to: When to use which grease?

Dynamic All Round Grease: An affordable, “does it all” kind of product that can be used to mount bike parts, protect bearings or parts, and to grease bearings. It does not excel at specific purposes, but everything a little bit. The place where it falls behind on other, more high-end greases, is the lubricating part.

Dynamic All Round Grease Premium: Does everything the All Round Grease does, but is much-much better when it comes to lubricating bearings. To be honest, its performance comes really close to our bearing specific Galli Grease Pro.

Assembly Paste Pro: We kept it simple here; if you want to assemble bike parts, this is the absolute best product to use. If you are looking for second to none protection from water, salt, dirt, dust or whatever element you can think of; Assembly Paste Pro is your friend. No parts will get stuck and corrosion has no chance. Every screw you mount, even the ones on your cleats, should have a layer of this grease.

Carbon Assembly Paste: Mounting carbon parts requires extra attention. You can safely use the Assembly Paste Pro, but in places where you want to pay extra attention to the torque used or if you want to make sure a part absolutely stays where you want it (seat post, handlebar etc.) the Carbon Assembly Paste is the go-to.

Fork Grease MTB: Only use this on the seals of your suspension. There is a lubricant in the internals of your fork, usually an oil-based lube. You can’t and shouldn’t replace that with any grease. The seals at the inside and outside of your suspension is where you want to apply this product, nowhere else.

Galli Grease Pro: This is the best bearing grease you’ll find. Any bearing or moving part can be lubricated with this legendary grease. It protects against wear and ensures top notch efficiency. Don’t use it to assemble parts, we have better options for that.

All our greases are 100% safe to use on carbon.

Sizing Information

  • Size - 150gm

  • Country of Origin - Germany

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