Dynamic Dr.Dry-Waterproof Fabric Coating-300ml

Size: 300 ml
Sale priceRs. 2,950.00


The only stretchable waterproof coating!

Soaked bib-shorts suck, so does an awesome jacket that is no longer waterproof. Finding your clean clothes all wet in your bike packing bag wet is not great either. Meet Dr. Dry; a planet friendly spray-on coating that can make any textile waterproof. No more soggy bib-shorts from a short rain shower. No more leaking tents or wet bike packing bags.

Most coatings create a layer on top of the textile, shutting out rain, but sealing in moisture and heat. The result is an experience close to riding in a trash bag. If you do decide to move around and stretch the fabric, the layer tears, and you get wet anyway.We have engineered Dr. Dry to be different. The innovative formula coats each individual fiber, maintaining the waterproof properties when the textile is stretched. Because air can still move between the fibers, it keeps your gear’s breathability fully intact.

And don’t worry about it washing off into the environment, it is water based, completely fluorocarbon free and biodegradable.


  • Contents: 300ml
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Suitable for: Bibshorts, Bikepackingbags, Gilets, Gloves, Jackets, Jerseys, Lycra, Overshoes, Socks
  • Duration: +/- 5 washes


Dr. Dry can be used to impregnate the following products:

  • Cycling clothing or sportswear (jerseys, cycling shorts, jackets, socks)
  • Cycling shoes or sports shoes
  • Bikepacking bags, backpacks or hip bags
  • Tent, tarp and sleeping bag
  • Hats and handkerchiefs
  • Gloves



Ensure the surface is clean and not washed with softeners or other additives before treating with Dr. Dry. Spray Dr. Dry on the item from about 10 cm away. Ensure the entire item receives an even application and is soaked with the product. This ensures that all fibers receive a coating and no gaps are left. If you apply too sparingly, you might run into a situation where a certain patch might not be waterproof and will allow water to pass through.

Let the piece of gear dry for 24 hours. This ensures the coating reaches maximum strength.

The effect of the coating will reduce about 20% per washing cycle. To maximize durability, wash with a mild detergent without softeners or other additives. Reapply Dr. Dry after approximately 5 washing cycles, or sooner if needed.

Sizing Information

  • Size - 300ml

  • Country of Origin - Netherland

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