Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Super-Concentrate Degreaser-1 Ltr.(Pack Of 3)

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A super-strong concentrate and degreaser that leaves your bits shining. Use neat to degrease or dilute to transform into 10L of powerful and fast-acting bike wash.

Dirt Juice Super is the Jekyll and Hyde of cleaners and packs two brilliant bike fixes into one big value bottle. Use it neat as a tough-on-muck degreaser to banish grease and grime, breath life back into buggered bits and restore your gear to shining. Dilute 9:1 it with water and it transforms by magic into a fast, powerful, awesomely good value mud repelling bike wash. 1 big value bottle will create a whopping 10 litres of bike cleaner.

If you’d rather spend your hard earned on the apres-ride beers and chips than on bike cleaners, this is your golden ticket. Except it’s green. It’s your green ticket.

“Dirt Juice Super was noticeably better than most, starting to tackle some of the grimier bits even without any elbow work. ” – Road.cc


  • Super strength Bike Cleaner
  • Can be used neat or watered down at a ratio of 9:1 Water to Dirt Juice Super to create standard Dirt Juice Bike Cleaner.
  • Awesome value – 1 x 1L bottle of Dirt Juice Super makes 10L of Dirt Juice Bike Cleaner.
  • Works out as £1.19 per litre when watered down to make Bike Cleaner.
  • Fast and effective bike cleaner.
  • Premium quality foaming agent.
  • Designed to soak and saturate soiled areas to help lift dirt away from the bike.
  • Formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting – will dwell for around 5 mins as foam.
  • Designed as a functional material rather than a superficial high foam product. Ultra-stable foaming properties for maximum effect.
  • Bike Cleaner will reduce the possibility of damage to paintwork by presenting the user with a dirt free, clear paint surface, ready for subsequent detailing if desired.
  • Suitable for use on painted surfaces, metal, plastic, carbon fibre, rubber, anodised surfaces and matt finishes.
  • Neutral formula means Dirt Juice won’t strip aftercare products such as wax, polish or frame sealant.
  • Biodegradable liquid.
  • Coconut fragrance.
  • Suitable for use on the entire bike.
  • Effective degreasing properties for use on drivetrains when used neat.
  • Disk and brake pad friendly formula.
  • Will not harm seals.
  • Can be used in Dirty Little Scrubber chain cleaning tool.

How To (DIrection for Use)

Fill up the scrubber – Super is best used to clean chains with the Dirty Little Scrubber Cleaner.  Pop your bike in a work stand, fill the Scrubber up and back pedal your chain through the cleaner till it shines like David Hasselhoff’s pearly whites.

Stubborn stains – For really ground in grime, drip a little Super onto a rag and give it some elbow grease. Grease and grime should dissolve in an instant. Small bits can be soaked in a shallow tray of Super and scrubbed with a brush.

Rinse, ride, repeat – Rinse your bits with clean water, oil your chain and then go devastate your mates with the heavenly shine of your showroom fresh bicycle. A clean bike is a fast bike, so go get it.

Sizing Information

  • Size-1 Ltr x 3

  • Country of Origin-United Kingdom

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