Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves-Red (65mm)

Size: 48 mm
Sale priceRs. 2,890.00


The best looking, best performing, most tooled-up valves in the game and absolutely packed them with features to make tubeless super simple.

Each valve cap is packed with 3 super useful tools, more than any other on the market. Each has a valve core tool and spoke keys for 3.2mm and 3.4mm spoke nipples. Tools are on both caps so no stress if you ever lose one.

Tubeless needn’t be a faff and our valves make it easy peasy. First up, the valve core is removable to make adding sealant a breeze, and that valve core tool is always close at hand when you need it.

There's a 4mm Allen key base for easy removal and a selection of rubber grommets for a perfect, airtight fit. Last but not least, a slotted base works perfectly with your tyre inserts and flat-sided edges on the lock ring help you clamp it down tight. Finally, our packaging is 100% cardboard for easy recycling.

Our tubeless valves are available in eight colours and two sizes:

  • 48mm fits rims up to 30mm deep
  • 65mm fits rims up to 45mm deep



  • MTB-CX-Road compatible
  • Premium 7075 Aluminium
  • 3 x Tools on each cap
  • Valve core removal tool
  • 3.2mm spoke key
  • 3.4mm spoke key
  • Tyre insert compatible
  • 4mm Allen key base
  • Wrenchable locking nut
  • Selection of rubber grommets
  • 100% card packaging

Sizing Information

  • Size - 65mm

  • Country of Origin - China

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