Magicshine SEEMEE 180 V2.0 Smart Rear Light (180 Lumens)

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The SEEMEE 180 V2.0 is a bright tail light with unique optics and integrated sensors to keep you visible at night. With high transparent lighting strip design, the maximum output can be reached up to 180 lumens. Part of the housing surrounding the lens of the SEEMEE 180 V2.0 is transparent and becomes illuminated when the light is on, allowing for 260° visibility.

We have incorporated both an ambient light sensor as well as a motion sensor. These two sensors allow the SEEMEE 180 V2.0 to automatically adjust the output based on the current conditions as well activate a boosted output mode during deceleration to attract attention. The motion sensor turns on automatically when braking, and lights up 3 seconds at 180 lumens. And under smart mode, the light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness according to ambient lighting conditions.

With the versatile mounting strap, the SEEMEE 180 V2.0 is easy to mount on different size seat posts. In addition, a simple plastic seat rail mount is also included right out of the box. It is a single-sided piece of plastic that has two rounded hooks that snap onto your saddle rails. On the back of the light is a simple quarter-turn style mount, and a USB-C port under a rubber cover. The light is rated for IPX6, which means wet weather riding is not a problem.



  • Transparent optical fiber provides maximum 180 lumen output
  • 260° lighting visibility gives you all around protection
  • 5 modes: low, high, flash, eco, smart
  • Built-in motion sensor automatically turns brighter when braking (can be turned on/off manually)
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts modes according to the environment
  • Low power mode (automatic) to extend the runtime efficiently
  • Multiple mounting methods that fit in saddle and different seat posts
  • Memory function, battery indicator, and USB-C rechargeable
  • Feathery 37gm and exquisite case design with IPX6 waterproof rate
  • Warranty: 1 year




Operating Instructions:

Switch - A switch on the top of the housing controls all the modes and brightness.

On/Off - Press and hold the switch to turn the taillight on/off, the default output is the last mode when turned off.

Motion Sensor On - When the taillight is off, press and hold the switch for 3s until the taillight lights up constantly at highest output.

Motion Sensor Off - When the taillight is off, press and hold the switch for 3s until the light keeps flashing quickly at highest output.

Every time you turn on the light, it will automatically detect whether the motion sensor is on. If the motion sensor is on, the indicator lights up blue for 3 seconds. If the motion sensor is off, the indicator will not light up.

When the motion sensor is on, the taillight will enter sleep mode after 5 minutes of inaction and automatically activate on any vibrations. When the motion sensor detects braking, the taillight will light up with maximum output.

Output Selection - When the taillight is on, single click the switch to cycle through Low-High-Flash-ECO-Smart-Low

Memory Function - When the taillight is turned on again, it will turn to the last selected lighting mode automatically.

Low Power Mode - When the remaining battery power is lower than 10%, the taillight automatically changes to ECO mode. The brake function is disabled during this period.

Power Indicator -

  • When the taillight is off, click the switch to display the remaining battery level for 3 seconds.
  • Different colours of the indicator show different power levels.
  • Green: 21%-100%, Red: 11%-20%, Flashing Red: 1%-10%.


Sizing Information

  • Size - 180 Lumens

  • Country of Origin - China

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