Milkit Tubeless Booster+Bottle (750ml)

Size: 750 ml
Sale priceRs. 4,690.00



A Lightweight, Space Saving Tubeless Inflator with Award Winning Technology
More efficient inflation, and it even doubles as your water bottle to be taken on rides.

Tubeless booster and drinking bottle in one - the milKit booster replaces a conventional compressor, is inexpensive, lightweight and very easy to handle. For increased safety and durability, the revised second version of the booster head uses a stronger material and features structural reinforcements that include an additional steel reinforcement ring.

Inflating tubeless tires with the milKit Booster is more efficient than any other existing solution as there are no additional hoses or valves. This means the full air pressure goes straight to your valve.

The milKit Booster is small and very lightweight, only 150 grams, and therefore can be brought along in the back of the car or on any ride. The option to use the Booster as a water bottle makes it the perfect, 2-in-1 product. A separate bottle cap is included in the booster package.

The new 0.75L bottle fits into a bottle cage and is still large enough to be able to inflate even the most stubborn tires, from road up to 29 plus, really well.


  • Compatible with all Presta tubeless valves, use milKit valves for the best results
  • Space-saving: replaces large air compressors
  • Eco-friendly: replaces single use CO2 cartridges
  • Economical: no more CO2 cartridges or investing in a costly compressor
  • Efficient: no additional hoses means the full air pressure goes straight to your valve
  • Lightweight Booster head (21gr/0.74 oz) with a drawstring bag to take it on rides
  • Drinking bottle cap included



  • 1x 0.75L aluminium water bottle
  • 1x Booster head
  • 1x water bottle cap
  • 1x drawstring bag for protection

How to use the milKit Booster

The milKit Booster is a revolutionary tool that enables bikers to inflate tubeless tires without a large & costly air compressor. It makes mounting tubeless at home or trailside easy!

The milKit Booster provides a lightweight, and easy to use answer for those looking at how to inflate a tubeless tire. With up to 11 bar / 160psi pressure available, your tire will immediately seat safely on the rim and seal evenly.

An aluminium bottle іs the base of the Booster system, which works in a few simple steps:

  • Inflate the Booster with your bike pump
  • Remove the valve core from your tubeless valves for more efficient air flow
  • Push the Booster onto the valve stem to inflate. With milKit valves, air stays in the tire even without the valve core installed thanks to their additional smart rubber flaps
  • Add sealant to the tire with the mess free milKit syringe system
  • Screw valve core back and inflate tire to full pressure until the tire fully jumps onto the rim

Instructions are even printed on the bottle, so it couldn’t be any easier!

Sizing Information

  • Size - 750ml

  • Country of Origin - Germany

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