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Don’t worry about snapping a tire lever again! Our Rim Stix are super strong, so they’ll make removing the toughest tires a breeze. 

We all need maximum leverage, right? Muc-Off Rim Stix are the perfect tool for quick, safe and easy tyre removal with no danger of damaging rims or pinching tubes, even with the hardest to remove tyres!

Constructed from high-strength materials to be sturdy and grippy making even the toughest of tyre removals painless with no danger of it snapping in two and leaving you stranded in the hills. The tip is engineered with the perfect scoop angle and an added recess underneath ensures fast and faff-free usage.

Designed from the ground up, these tyre levers work perfectly with all tyre and rim combos - whether you’re out in the wilderness or in the workshop!

Designed with an integral emergency valve core remover and rear-spoke hook making it the perfect riding partner no matter what the occasion.

  • Super tough and durable POM/Nylon construction for maximum performance

  • Engineered scoop lifts tyre bead away from the rim with ease

  • Recess underneath scoop keeps the lever securely in place

  • Ergonomic design with thumb grip for maximum control

  • Rear spoke hooks to hold the lever in place when the second lever is used

  • Integrated valve core remover

  • Compact enough for roadside/trailside repairs and sturdy enough for use in the workshop

Note : MRP refers to single piece.

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