Santini Polvere Cotton Cap-Print

Size: Standard
Sale priceRs. 1,825.00


After 50+ years in cycling, we at Santini have lived through many a golden era. Countless champions have come and gone. From dashed dreams to memorable victories,we’ve seen it all. But one thing that never changes is our commitment to connect with the authentic styles and traditions from times gone by in cycling. Our designers have once again turned back the clock. They’ve reconnected with the sights and sounds of yesteryear to encapsulate the true roots of modern cycling. Join us on that journey as you find your very own “heroic” look.

Cotton cycling cap with a breathable mesh in the central section. Designed to keep you cool on warmer rides. Finished with a pied-de-poule design in dark blue with that distinctive pink colour. Made in Italy.

Sizing Information

  • Size-Std.
  • Made in Italy

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