Shimano Clipless Pedal - PD-R7000 105 SPD-SL - Black

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PD-R7000 105 SPD-SL Clipless Pedal

To match the stiffness of the Hollowtech II crankset, there is no better option than the lightweight PD-R7000 pedals. Its carbon-composite body and extra-wide platform will give you the transfer of power you need.


  • Versatile and lightweight SPD-SL pedaling performance for serious riders.
  • Lightweight carbon-composite body.
  • Extra-wide platform for a more efficient transfer of power.
  • ·Durable stainless-steel body plate reduces flex and pedal-body wear
  • Wide-bearing placement for rigidity and uniform load distribution.
  • Adjustable entry and release tension settings.
  • Trusted SHIMANO design, quality, and performance
  • 265g/pr (25g/pr lighter than PD-5800)

Shimano Pedaling Dynamics SL (SPD-SL)

Born of the pro tour demand for optimal power and endurance, the low-profile pedal technology has expanded to a wide range of cyclists, including competitors at all levels, sport, club and recreational riders. SPD-SL is a road pedal platform systematically engineered with SHIMANO footwear to transfer more power from your body to your bike. For pro riders the extra-wide, low-profile cleat distributes energy more evenly over a wider surface and transfers it more efficiently to the bike, under the most extreme pedaling loads. No wasted movement. No loss to flex, voids or mismatched shoe/pedal designs. It’s a core advantage that helps win races. The same energy efficiency that powers pro riders to the podium enhances the experience of other rider categories. Increased endurance for longer rides. More comfort and fun! System-engineered. Rider-tuned. You choose.

  • Series : 105
  • Model No. : PD-R7000
  • Colour Options : CFRP
  • Type : Road
  • Binding :Single Sided
  • Cleat Included : SM-SH11
  • Optional Cleat : SM-SH10 / SM-SH12
  • Reflector : SM-PD65
  • Road clearance : 31 °
  • Average Weight (g) : 265g

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