Tripeak OSPW 12/16T - Ceramic Bearing - Hollow Type (Shimano 11-Spd DA91/Ultegra 8000)

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Tripeak OSPW 12/16T, With Ceramic Bearing, Hollow Type (For Shimano 11-Speed, DA91/Ultegra 8000)


  • Alloy Derailleur Cage kit system with pulley wheel Upper: 12T / Lower: 16T
  • For Shimano 11-Speed Drivetrain (DuraAce 91xx / Ultegra 80xx series)
  • Tripeak ceramic bearing - Race proven performance.
  • Molded composite material - For superior durability than metal ones.
  • Directional tension pulley - Reduce frictional power loss for quiet and smooth shifting performance.
  • Itemcode: EMA-JW1216-SHBKHW91CB



Sizing Information

  • Size - 12/16T

  • Country of Origin - Taiwan

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