Tripeak Oversize Pulley Kit 12/18T, Ceramic Bearing (Shimano Ultegra/105, 12-Spd)-Gold

Sale priceRs. 15,900.00


Tripeak Oversize Pulley Wheel Kit 12/18T, Ceramic Bearing (Shimano Ultegra/105, 12-Speed)-Gold


  • Replacement Oversize Pulley Wheel Set 12/18T (Vs 11/11T in existing cage)
  • Oversize ceramic bearings for longer lifespan
  • For use in default/existing derailleur cage of Shimano - no need to change chain length
  • Molded composite material for superior durability than metal ones
  • Patented stopper pin for easy installation
  • Available in different colour cap


Sizes Available: Shimano

  • DuraAce Series 91xx (11-Speed)
  • DuraAce Series 92xx (12-Speed)
  • Ultegra 80xx /105 70xx (11-Speed)
  • Ultegra 81xx /105 71xx (12-Speed)


Sizes Available: SRAM

  • AXS Force /AXS Rival (12-Speed)
  • AXS RED series is not available yet


Sizing Information

  • Size: 12T/18T

  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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