At BikeShark, we're passionate about cycling, and we understand the importance of a well-maintained bike in the urban environment. Our cycle services, including the comprehensive full strip-down service and premium service, are designed to ensure your bike delivers top-notch performance every time you ride. Trust your cycling needs to BikeShark, where we're dedicated to keeping your wheels turning smoothly. Book your service today and experience the difference!

Our Services :

1. Full Strip-Down Service (₹2500):
Our full strip-down service is the ultimate treatment for your bicycle. When you opt for this service, our skilled technicians will disassemble your bike completely, inspect every component, and rebuild it with precision and care. This comprehensive service is designed to ensure that every part of your bicycle functions flawlessly.

What's Included:
- Complete disassembly of your bicycle
- Thorough cleaning and inspection of all parts
- Replacement of worn-out components (parts cost additional)
- Lubrication and adjustment of drivetrain, gears, and brakes
- Wheel truing for a smooth ride
- Frame alignment check
- Safety check to ensure your bike is in optimal condition
- Final test ride to ensure your bike is in top shape

2. Premium Service (₹1500):
Our premium service is designed to keep your bicycle in excellent condition between major overhauls. It's a cost-effective solution to ensure your bike runs smoothly and safely.

What's Included:
- Inspection and adjustment of gears and brakes
- Lubrication of key moving parts
- Cleaning and degreasing of drivetrain components
- Wheel truing for improved stability
- Safety check to identify any potential issues
- Minor adjustments to maintain your bike's performance
- Final test ride to verify the service quality

Why Choose BikeShark for Cycle Services:
- Experienced and certified technicians
- Use of high-quality parts and lubricants
- Quick turnaround times
- Competitive pricing
- Transparent service recommendations
- Convenient online booking

Booking Your Service :Scheduling your cycle service at BikeShark is easy. Just call on +91 9833366614 for appointment time. Our team will be ready to provide you with the best care your bicycle deserves.