Absolute Black Oval Road/Gravel Chainring - 2X 110/5 BCD-Black

Size: 32T
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Order ONLY 32+48T. Don't order spare bolts.

absoluteBLACK introduces premium Gravel - Road 110/5 oval chainrings in Sub-compact (super compact) sizes to improve your climbing and cadence. Increased Cadence is key to reducing perceived effort. With 48/32T chainrings you can ride anywhere and climb anything. Alpine climbs will never be that difficult anymore. These special super compact chainrings are compatible with majority of 110/5bcd cranks making absoluteBLACK the only company on the market offering such sizes. 32T chainring allow you to climb on your own terms with improved cadence and efficiency. 10/11/12spd compatible. Ready to try?

Advantages of Absolute Black Sub-Compact Oval Chainrings:

  • 32T chainrings allow you to climb on your own terms with improved cadence and efficiency 
  • One of a kind special oval shape that helps you climb easier and faster (Patent Pending) 
  • No more mashing on long climbs and wishing for bigger cassette.
  • Have you ever had to walk the climb on sportive race? These rings will save you from it.
  • 48/11 is still a big gear to push on the flat. For your daily ride you most likely don't need more 
  • Your pedaling will feel smoother 
  • AB oval reduces stress on knees and helps your legs remain fresher for longer.
  • You will be able to maintain better cadence while climbing.
  • Reduces possibility of leg cramps.

Speed at Cadence calculation:

The absoluteBLACK Sub Compact Oval 48T rings are large enough to reach comparable flatland speeds as their larger counterparts. This calculation shows gear combinations at 90rpm cadence, and 700c x 25mm tire.

48x11T combination is minimally faster than 52x12T. This is 49.7km/h (30.9mph) and is faster than 53x13T! At 100rpm it increases to 55km/h (34.3mph).

As seen from the example above absoluteBLACK Sub Compact Oval Chainrings are more than capable of reaching high top speeds when used with 11T cog. But where absoluteBLACK Sub Compact rings are in a league of their own is the small 32T chainring. They make climbing easier and exceptionally comfortable, but still retain high top speeds with 48T big chainring.

How to mount Super Compact 48/32T 110/5 Oval Chainrings:

First, you need to remove your crank from your bike. Once removed, unscrew the 5 bolts that hold two chainrings together with a T-30 torx key. Remove both original rings.

Start by placing big chainring on the crank. Please note that small triangular indicator on the inner circumference of the chainring Must sit behind the crank arm - same way as original chainring indicates its position. Next, locate triangular mark on inner circumference of the small chainring and make sure it will sit behind the crank as well. Small chainring has also an integrated spacers on one side. Those spacers need to enter into the crank mounting holes. 32T chainring is provided with 5x M5 bolts (Torx T-25). Lock both chainrings in place using provided bolts and torque to 4-5Nm

In case of Sram cranks with one hidden bolt the indicators of both chainrings have to be positioned exactly opposite to the crank arm to guarantee correct timing of the oval rings in respect to the crank arm.

  • Size (Mass +/-1g):32T (32g), 48T (115g) Smaller rings are not possible in 110/5bcd.
  • Color:Black, Grey (inner ring in black only) 
  • Compatibility : Shimano Dura-Ace 7950, Ultegra 6750, Shimano 105- 5750, Tiagra 4650, FSA, Praxis Alba & Zayante, S-works and many older cranks. ALSO fits Sram cranks that have 1 hidden chainring bolt like Force22, Rival22 but they need to have removable spider. Compatible with Di2. 
  • BOLTS : Special bolts are included with 32T (5xM5 TI)
  • Material & Finish : CNC machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction. Type II anodizing
  • Ovality :Optimized to each size separately. 32T - 8% ; 48T - 10.9% ; Timing of 108 -110.5° after TDC (top dead center) - Ideal for climbing. Patent Pending


  • Due to very special 2.5mm offset construction of BOTH chainrings towards the frame and custom bolts 32T can only work with 48T and special bolt set 48/32. (bolts included with small ring).
  • No other combination or mix of rings will work. Due to special mounting construction, aesthetic bolt covers are not offered for this design 
  • Absolute Black always recommends using a new chain when fitting new chainrings.
  • SRAM Yaw front derailleur compatibility – Due to the construction of SRAM Yaw front derailleurs, our Sub Compact chainrings are not compatible with them. If you replace your Yaw front derailleur with a Shimano equivalent (there are no indexing issues between Shimano FD and SRAM shift levers) you will be able to use our Sub Compact chainrings.

Sizing Information

  • Size : 32T (32g), 48T (115g)

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