Chapter2 MANA2 Integrated Carbon Handlebar-UD+Grey (2023)

Size: 80 mm
Sale priceRs. 43,900.00


MANA - Meaning "power" in Maori

The MANA2 has been designed specifically for integrated cabling for the TOA and KOKO whilst it still has the ability to be used with any frame with a 1-1/8” for steerer such as the RERE, TERE, and HURU where the cables and hoses enter from the underside of the bar.

In the never-ending search for more speed via optimised Aerodynamics, CHAPTER2 introduces the MANA2 which means “power” in Maori.

The Integrated Bar + Stem combo allows air to flow over it smoothly, creating a seamless and elegant cockpit made 100% from TORAY® Carbon and tested to EN ISO 4210:2014. The careful use of specific carbon lay-ups made in Japan creates just the right blend of stiffness for accurate and predictable steering yet enough “give” to take the sting out of any uneven road surfaces.

The MANA2 is available in 11 size combinations so that you can dial in your desired position with effective stem lengths from 80-130mm and widths from 380-435mm.

Finally, with the adoption of trigger-happy electronic shifting and use of out-front GPS devices for those Strava® moments, the CHAPTER2 Bar + Stem combo comes ready to install Shimano® EW-RS910 bar end mounted Junction Box and Barfly® or K-Edge® style GPS mounts respectively.


  • Carbon: Toray® Uni-Directional Carbon
  • Sizes (mm): Refer to Chart below
  • Weight (g): 330g(100-402mm)
  • Spacers: Carbon 3x10mm, 3x5mm & 1x7mm (Curved)
  • Steerer: 1-1/8″
  • Safety Standard: EN ISO 4210:2014
  • GPS/Computer Mount: Not included



  • 80 x 380
  • 90 x 391
  • 100 x 402
  • 110 x 413
  • 120 x 424
  • 130 x 435


We have tested and can recommend the following suppliers (select outfront/integrated bar/stem type mount):

  • K-Edge
  • Barfly
  • Alpitude

Sizing Information

Note: All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise mentioned

Ref Size 80x380 90x391 100x402 110x413 120x424 130x435
A Stem 80 90 100 110 120 130
B Width at Drops 380 391 402 413 424 435
C Width at Hoods 360 371 382 393 404 415
D Reach 70 70 70 70 70 70
E Drop 128 128 128 128 128 128
F Stem Angle 7 Deg. 7 Deg. 7 Deg. 7 Deg. 7 Deg. 7 Deg.

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