Dynamic Bio Filth Fighter-Bike Cleaner-1 Ltr.

Size: 1000 ml
Sale priceRs. 1,325.00


Bio Filth Fighter is a very effective, planet-friendly bike cleaner for all types of bikes.

This high-performance bike cleaner spray allows you to easily clean every part of your bike, including your drivetrain. The formula is optimized to dissolve the most stubborn dirt like mud, oil and sweat without harming your bike, its parts, or the environment. The premium ingredients neutralize corrosive acids and salts completely and in no time. Bio Filth Fighter is suitable for all mild to heavily soiled parts of bicycles and 100% carbon safe. The unique formula is a favorite of several pro cycling team mechanics.

The trigger spray is designed to ensure uniform distribution and apply the bike cleaner evenly on your bike including those hard-to-reach spots. For the best results, let Bio Filth Fighter soak for a couple of minutes, agitate stubborn dirt with a brush and rinse with clean water.



  • Contents: 1000ml
  • Packaging: Spray Pump
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Carbon Safe: Yes
  • Suitable for: All bicycle parts

Clean your bike safely

To clean your road bike, gravel bike or MTB, we have developed Bio Filth Fighter. This bike cleaner is biodegradable and there are no warning signs on the bottle. This cleaning product is specifically developed to wash your bike quickly without being harmful for your bearings, greased components, or the protective layer of your frame. It’s a product that is 100% safe to use on your precious bike. Bio Filth Fighter helps to let dirt dissolve in no time without being harmful for your bike or environment. A better choice than an aggressive household degreaser or dish soap if you ask us!

Sizing Information

  • Size - 1000ml

  • Country of Origin - Netherland

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