Dynamic Brake Booster-Brake Cleaner-400ml

Size: 400 ml
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Boost your braking performance with Dynamic Brake Booster. This brake cleaner helps to dramatically reduce brake squeal and quickly removes dirt, grime, oil and other contaminants. Clean brakes and brake pads perform better and last longer.

For the best braking power, your disc brakes need to be free from contaminants. Brake Booster is a brake cleaner for your disc and rim brakes. It quickly removes dirt, grime, oil and other contaminants. The strong solvent removes even the most stubborn grime residues without harming the braking parts. The formula is safe to use on all braking components and materials like rubber, plastic, metal and carbon. The easy to use spray helps to apply the cleaner evenly on your brakes. Brake Booster dries rapidly and leave no residue.

Brake Booster can be used on all braking components including disc brakes, brake pads and (aluminum) rim flanks. Shake the can well before use and spray directly on the area you are cleaning. You can also spray it on a clean cloth first. Wipe away any excess fluid and allow Brake Booster to evaporate before going for a ride.


  • Contents: 400ml
  • Packaging: Spray Can
  • Carbon Safe: Yes
  • Suitable for: Aluminium rims, brake discs


How to clean the brakes?

Cleaning your brakes is the last step in cleaning your road bike, gravel bike or MTB. During the cleaning routine, residue from cleaning products, like a silicone spray, degreaser or chain oil, can leave some greasy particles on the brake parts. If the last step is cleaning your brakes, you can be sure that there is no residue left that causes the squeaking sound on your rotors, brake pads or rim flange. After cleaning, do not touch the brake parts anymore, the grease on your hands will make your brakes dirty again!

Clean the disc rotors

Cleaning the rotors of your disc brakes is quite easy. We recommend to take the time to degrease your rotors with a brake cleaner after every cleaning session. You do this as follows:

  • Grab a dry, clean cloth and brake cleaner. While cleaning, try not to hold the brake disc with your hands, touching them with the clean cloth is preferable.
  • Spray the brake cleaner directly on the rotors on both sides. Make sure that you do not spray into the bearing, causing you to dissolve the bearing grease. This shortens the life of the bearings.
  • Wipe away dirt and excess fluid from the rotor with the dry cloth.


You can also spray the brake cleaner on the cloth and use the cloth to apply the brake cleaner on the rotor.


Clean the brake pads

Check the disc brake pads regularly. To properly check the disc brake pads, you should always remove them. This is also a perfect moment to clean them right away.

  • Remove the wheel from your bike.
  • Make sure the locking pin of your brake pads or fuse pin of the cotter pin is loosened. Then you can easily pull the brake pads out.
  • Remove all dirt by spraying the brake cleaner directly onto the pads.
  • Dry the brake pads with a dry, clean cloth. Install your brake pads back into the brake before mounting your wheel again.

Sizing Information

  • Size-400ml

  • Country of Origin-Belgium

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