Magicshine SEEMEE 150TL Smart Rear Light (150 Lumens)

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The SEEMEE 150TL is an intelligent tail light that offers smart integrated sensors and enough brightness for both daytime or nighttime riding. It uses transparent optical filters to spread the beam 260 degrees, the maximum output can be reached up to 150 lumens. It has an integrated motion sensor, which reacts immediately and makes the tail light brighter when you hit the brakes, provides additional safety. It also features an ambient light sensor. When switched to the smart mode, it will switch between daytime to nighttime modes automatically.

It is super simple to operate. A long press of the switch will turn the light on and off, and a short press will cycle through the modes. The seat post mount consists of a Garmin-type head, which the light clicks into securely, suitable for seat posts 22-35 mm diameter. There is also a saddle rail clip for those wanting a really sleek bike-mounted option. With the convenient Micro-USB port, charging is very straightforward and takes 1 hour to fully charge. And its IPX6 rating for weatherproofing is reassuring.


  • Transparent optical fiber provides maximum 150 lumens light outputs
  • 260° lighting visibility gives you all around protection
  • 5 modes: low, high, flash, group ride and smart
  • Specifically designed Smart-Day Flash mode offers ultimate daytime visibility
  • Built-in motion sensor, automatically turns on when braking(can manually turned on/off)
  • Integrated light sensor auto-adjusts brightness to your environment
  • Low power mode (automatic) to extend the running time efficiently
  • Multiple mounting methods that fit in saddle and different seat posts
  • Memory function, battery indicates and USB rechargeable
  • IPX6 rating, heavy rain resistant, all weatherproof.
  • Warranty: 1 year


Operating Instructions:

Switch - A switch on the top of the housing controls all the modes and brightness.

On/Off - Press and hold the switch to turn the taillight on/off.

Motion Sensor On - When the taillight is off, press and hold the switch for 3s until the taillight lights up constantly at highest output.

Motion Sensor Off - When the taillight is off, press and hold the switch for 3s until the light keeps flashing quickly at highest output.

Every time you turn on the light, it will automatically detect whether the motion sensor is on. If the motion sensor is on, the indicator lights up blue for 3 seconds. If the motion sensor is off, the indicator will not light up.

Output Selection -

  • With the taillight switched on, single press to cycle through low-high-flash-group ride-smart-low.
  • In SMART mode, the taillight output cannot be manually adjusted. The light sensor scans the ambient light in real time and automatically adjusts the light output according to the environment changing.
  • When the motion sensor is on, the taillight will automatically detect braking to activate the boosted 150 lumens output. And the taillight will enter to the sleep mode after 5 minutes of inaction and auto activated on any vibrations.


Memory Function - The taillight will memorize the last selected output. When turned on again, the previously used output will be recalled.

Low Power Mode - When the battery power is lower than 10%, the taillight will automatically turn to group flash and cannot be adjusted. Charge the light as soon as possible.

Power Indicator -

  • When turned off, single press the switch, and the battery level indicator will turn on to display the battery levels.
  • Different colours of the indicator show different power levels.
  • Green: 21%-100%, Red: 11%-20%, Flashing Red: 1%-10%.


Sizing Information

  • Size - 150 Lumens

  • Country of Origin - China

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