Santini UCI Groove Hoodie-Black

Size: XS
Sale priceRs. 17,100.00


Santini is the Worldwide producer of the UCI Casual Clothing and Merchandise. Don’t miss out on the opportunity have a piece of the rainbow stripes!

Polartec PowerAir Hoodie UCI Official
Official UCI Rainbow hooded fleece jacket made with revolutionary, ultra soft and incredibly warm Polartec PowerAir fabric. Minimal design with just the right amount of Rainbow stripes added for a classy look. The jacket features 2 zipped front pockets, shaped hood and full front zipper.

Polartec Power Air
Warming efficiency of encapsulated air - Nature’s most efficient insulator - to create a uniquely more sustainable, new form of fabric where raised surface structures are knit into a single fabric, forming individual pockets filled with air.

Power Air fabric is made using recycled polyester yarns and constructed to actively reduce the issue of shedding microfibers when washed.

Made in Italy

Sizing Information

  1-Height (cm) 2-Chest (cm) 3-Waist (cm) 4-Inseam (cm)
XS 169-173 88-92 74-78 20-21
S 172-176 92-96 78-82 21-22
M 175-179 96-100 82-86 22-23
L 178-182 100-104 86-90 23-24
XL 181-185 104-108 90-94 24-25
XXL 184-188 108-112 94-98 26-27
3XL 187-191 112-116 98-102 26-27
4XL 190-193 116-120 102-106 26-27

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