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At a time when mountain bike tires were unquestionably gum walled, the VelociRaptors came out in black and haven't looked back ever since. They changed the game back in 1994 with a steering specific front and a rear with wide knobs that could really dig. The VelociRaptors continue to be popular decades later because, to put it simply.... they just work. Try riding one of the most classic mountain bike tire combos of all time.

Usage: Cross-Country • Trail
Conditions: Dirt • Loose • Rocky • Wet • Mud


Front-Specific Version
Front tires need to prioritize cornering traction above all else, which is why the VelociRaptor Front features long, pointed knobs that slice into the trail and counteract cornering forces with ease.

Rear-Specific Version
You're not worried about rolling speed when you're barreling down a loose, rocky chute in need of traction. VelociRaptor Rear features incredibly wide knobs with substantial spacing between them. This not only maximizes the braking surfaces of the tire, but also provides them the room they need to hook up in a variety of conditions.

26" Ain't Dead
In a world where everything seems to be getting bigger, wider, burlier…the VelociRaptor has proven itself steadfast as the best 26" mountain tire on the market. Not ready to retire your trusted 26" steed? Throw on a fresh set of VelociRaptors and beat your friends down the trail as they brag about their fancy bikes while choking on your dust.

Comp Casing
Combines the lightweight efficiency of a single-ply casing with the dependability of a wire bead. Wire bead tires are designed to be used with a tube and therefore are not tubeless compatible.


Sizing Information

  • Size - 26" x 2.1
  • Country of Origin - India

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